In Vino Agency from Belgrade, was established in 2002. For the past 17 years it has profoundly influenced the establishment of Serbian and regional wine scene and wine culture in general, and thus significantly contributed to the development of Serbian wine making and viticulture, as well as the local wine market.

In the period 2002-2014, the agency In Vino produced as many as 440 half-hour episodes of Slavomir Cirovic’s TV show “Wine Route” (, which were broadcast on a weekly basis on the Belgrade TV channel Studio B. Even today, more than 4 years after this series ended, this show has almost the status of a cult show among its viewers.

At the same time, the agency In Vino produced and broadcast more than 150 half-hour episodes of gastronomic series “European Cuisine” and “World’s Dinning Table” (, published the book “Wine and Food”, and 20 issues of the specialized magazine “Wine Route” ( In the area of marketing consulting services, the agency In Vino has successfully cooperated with more than 30 domestic and foreign wineries since 2002-2019.

In the period 2004-2010, In Vino agency has organized 7 International Wine Festival in Sava Center, and since 2004, i.e. for the past 16 years, it has organized the most prominent wine event in Serbia – “Belgrade Wine Salon” ( every year in December in a Hyatt Regency Hotel in Belgrade.

The Belgrade Wine Salon (BWS) gives an annual insight into the local and regional wine scene to professionals and wine lovers and represents an authentic overview of the Serbian wine market. In the past fifteen years, BWS has brought together all leading wine producers from Serbia and the region, as well as a significant number of well-known European wineries. Every year, several thousand professionals and wine lovers have the opportunity to taste more than 600 different wines, at wine-tasting events held as a part of BWS Main and Side Programs. BWS Side Program is the most eventful among all wine events in the region of the ex-Yugoslavia, since it includes more than 40 different workshops, Master Class wine tasting and various lectures. Since 2016, Belgrade Wine Salon has also hosted two special, exclusive events: “Wine Masters” and “Distillery Masters”.

In May 2018. and 2019. In Vino successfully organized two special editions of the Belgrade Wine Salon abroad – “BELGRADER WEINSALON IN WIEN” (BWSW), which were held at the exclusive venue – Ovalhalle MuseumsQuartier, in the center of Vienna.

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