Exquisitely rich side program is the trademark of the Belgrade Wine Salon. The thematically focused and very eventful workshops are mostly targeted to the lifelong learning of wine enthusiasts, as well as professionals. Within the various and very numerous tastings lead by professionals (last year there were 40) participants have the opportunity to learn more about wine regions, appellations, grape varieties, different types and styles of wine, trends in the production and the wine market, as well as get introduced to the different philosophies of the winemakers themselves.

This year, main topics of the side program will bevertical tastings of the best wines!

Details of the program and the full list of workshops will be published soon.



Number of places for each workshop is limited and specified in the description of each program individually.

One person has the option to book a maximum of two seats for two workshops a day.

For the workshops that do not have an extra fee for participation, you need to book and purchase a daily ticket to the Wine Salon for the date when the workshop is taking place.

For workshops that have an extra fee for participation – daily ticket is included in the price.

If you are interested in participating in the side program, you can fill in the application form HERE.

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  • SALON VINA DAN 1 2016_091216_115_resize
  • SALON VINA DAN 1 2016_091216_099_resize
  • SALON VINA DAN 1 2016_091216_054_resize
  • SALON VINA DAN 1 2016_091216_046_resize
  • BSV 13 Salon vina dan 2 2016_101216_459_resize
  • BSV 13 Salon vina dan 2 2016_101216_362_resize
  • BSV 13 Salon vina dan 2 2016_101216_358_resize
  • BSV 13 Salon vina dan 2 2016_101216_232_resize
  • BSV 13 Salon vina dan 2 2016_101216_224_resize
  • BSV 13 Salon vina dan 2 2016_101216_217_resize
  • BSV 13 Salon vina dan 2 2016_101216_213_resize
  • BSV 13 Salon vina dan 2 2016_101216_158_resize
  • BSV 13 Salon vina dan 2 2016_101216_130_resize

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